WELCOME TO IZIBOOK… the only eCommerce platform built specifically for publishers and booksellers.

The iziBook platform has been designed for the sale and distribution of the written word in any format: printed, ebook and audio book. With a host of integrations to the foremost sales channels, easy-to-use functionality for both the administrator and customer, and a built-in watermarking tool for digital media, izibook encompasses security and user-friendliness in a best-of-breed industry-specific platform.
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Easy to use: learn how to manage and operate your own ecommerce site in just a few hours.
World-class hosting and real-time backups provided.
Aggressive functional & development roadmap to keep you current and competitive.
Archive feature for digital & paper books.
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Get your eCommerce platform up, running & selling in a matter of days.
Track your sales in real time with built-in analytics.
Connect directly with customers and partners and take control of your business destiny.
Upsell your customers with book/ebook/audio book bundles.
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Suitable for both editorial & commercial content with comprehensive subscription functionality.
Distribute your digital and product content to your business partners and channels automatically.
Sell books in any format: paper, ebooks & audiobooks.
Built-in watermarking for digital media and further advanced digital rights capabilities.
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